COD BO3 Revelations Pack Of Punch


Once you spawn on the the game, you will see pack of punch at the top of a car and this giant worm will suck it ( like he didn’t eat a decade ) and this is where the pack will be located. To get there, We need to activate four Corrupt Engine (spawn area, der eisendrache, verruckt and mob of the dead). This is straight forward, pay 500 points to start and stay until its fully running. Don’t leave, if you leave or die, you will lost your points. Once all Engine are running, go to the middle of the map (Natch Der Untoten ) and on the second level you will see a machine leads up will green. Now, wait the giant worm to pass on this location and you will notice and hear and beeping sound. Run quick and active the tesla trap. Note:If on slot or more are red meaning, engine(s) are not yet running. Once, the giant worm is trap, you can go inside by his mouth and inside, look up and you will see the pack. Shot three holders and pack will be drop off. Pack is now available.

COD BO3 Revelations Pack Of Punch

COD BO3 Revelations Pack Of Punch

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