COD AW Outbreak Game Over Man!


First : Black Box

This Black Box can be found in starting room, Its located near the wreck plane. Once you have it, Bring it to Morgue Area where you see a Computer terminals. Place it and Angie will say (Security badge clearance is required to unlock the encryption). To unlock this, we need to get 50 IDs.

COD AW Outbreak game over man

Second : First Four IDs

Note: This can be done in any order.

Decker’s ID is located in “Incinerator Room“. To get there, you need to use Trash Chute. To get there directly, You have to buy (100) and back off right away, Once its close buy (500) it again and get in. The More you buy in a same round, you have pay more. “Trash Chute” has a two locations (1) in Administration Area (2) Exo Suit Area. Once you are in the room, Keep shooting anywhere in the floor until the card flip over.

Oz’s ID can be found in Holding Area inside in a clear box. This can be found near Exo Health. Below that box, theres a lever or a shaft. Shot it until its fully down. Then you have to buy Exo Slam, Exo Slam can be spotted in Hub Area. Once you have it, go on the top of that clear box and use your Exo Slam to thrust forward to push it down. Then the third Clear box will come up and you will the card inside.

Lilith’s ID can be found in 3D Printer. To get this, we need to find EM1 gun (This is wonder weapon for this map). This Printer has five locations: Hub Area, Holding Area, Exo Suit Area, Morgue Area and Administration Area. Once you have that gun, Purchase again then use your EM1 and shot right away to print the ID.

Kahn’s ID is located in near Exo Survive. You can get this in Infection Round. Once you are infected, Press all four Security Door that can be found near Decontamination Zone. If you did this correctly, a small window will open and that window can be found near Exo Survive.

COD AW Outbreak game over man

Third: Zombies IDs

This Step is easy. Just kill zombies and each time you kill, ID(s) will appear. Collect until you reach 49.

COD AW Outbreak game over man

Fourth: Last ID (Users has not login today)

To get the last 50th ID, Each character has to active there badge using hand print. Lilith’s hand print can be found in Morgue Area, its near before you enter Exo Suit Room. For others, check the video below..

COD AW Outbreak game over man

Last Step

Go back again to Angie and press “F” (if you are playing in PC) where the computer terminal at. Then Angie will say “Authorization successive, If you have clearance to hear this message. Then the test is success, bla bla bla” Means that you are almost done. Next you have to go on Exo Suit Room and press “F” and a voice will say something like “Experimental—- is online, Attention: Vehicle is approaching” means that you have to back to the starting room and congrats, you unlocked cod aw outbreak “GAME OVER, MAN!”

COD AW Outbreak game over man

Here’s my full video for COD AW Outbreak Game Over Man Achievement

COD AW Outbreak Game Over Man

COD AW Outbreak GAME OVER MAN Achievement

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