COD BO2 MOTD Upgrading Hells Retriever


COD BO2 MOTD Upgrading Hells Retriever ( Alcatraz )

Before we begin, you have to get the Hells Retriever to achieve this step. If you don’t know how to get this, i have a guide on how to get Hell’s Retriever. This upgraded has to be charge 3 times to hit more damage on the zombies not like the regular one, it just charge up twice and travel more further than the regular one. Upgraded version is blue and the regular one is red ( of course ). For some reason, just only one player can do this.

First Step

You have to build the plane and go fly on the Golden Gate Bridge. Here’s a link on how to build a plane.

Second Step

On Golden Gate Bridge, you have to kill 30+ Zombies using Hell’s Retriever. Note : Don’t use any of your weapons like guns, grenades or melee. If you use one of them, you cannot proceed to the next step. And you have to re do it again on your next game play.Tip : better to say 2 to 3 rounds just to make sure that you kill more than 30. Once you think that you kill more than 30, go back again on Alcatraz. By going back, you have to go on the other end of the bridge where you see a Electric Chair. Press “F” ( for PC ) to sit on the chair and thats how you can go back to the island.

Third Step

Throw you Hell’s Retriever on the Lava. Lava’s location is on the Cell Block next to the wolf. Look under the floor and you will see a lava pit. If you done the Second Steps Correctly, Tomahawk will not coming back. To proceed on the last step, you have to wait to start the next round.

Last Step

Getting your upgraded Hell’s Retriever. To get this you have to enter AfterLife Mode. Once you are in AfterLife Mode, you have to go on where you get the Hell’s Retriever and you will see a blue beam of light meaning that you completed the steps. Go and grab your tomahawk while you are in AfterLife Mode. Note : You cannot get your upgraded Tomahawk if you are not in AfterLife Mode.

COD BO2 MOTD Upgrading Hells Retriever

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