COD Black Ops Zombies Moon

COD Black Ops Zombies Moon is the eleventh and final Zombies map included in Rezurrection map pack which is the largest map. Returning Original characters (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen).

Spawning in Area 51, zombies will spawn with low health and speed. Two sounds will be heard and gradually over time become stronger and faster as time increases.

Note that Area 51 (on COD black ops zombies moon) does not feature rounds, instead it will last until the players die or use the teleporter, with the zombies getting stronger and faster as time goes by.

The Pack-a-Punch machine will be at Area 51. Where you can get Juggernog and Speed Cola. If you are in the Moon and needs to Pack a gun, you need to use the teleporter. To find the teleporter, Its located on AK74U. ( All ) player(s) must stand on the platform to teleport back to the area 51.

COD Black Ops Zombies Moon Easter Egg Co-op Guide

COD Black Ops Zombies Moon

Step 1 : Find the four computer terminals that sit outside on the beginning area. Each computer terminal lights up a specific color, and you essentially must follow the colors. When you successfully input a round of sequences, all four terminals light up green, signaling the next step.

COD Black Ops Zombies Moon

Step 2 : Next head into the lab area. Get the hacker tools and hack one of the server in the wall. Then four terminals lights up, you need to hack all terminals with green light. All this terminals are located on the same room ( lab area ), and it randomly change. After you hack all the the terminals, go back again on the server where you hack the firsts. All four players must Press “F” ( On PC ) to light up all four servers.

Step 3 : Excavation on tunnel 6. Tunnel 6 must be dig. Afterwards, get the hacking tools and hack the proper terminal on the spawn area.

Step 4 : Stone Or Ball. Go back again on tunnel 6 and before you reach at the end you will see a stone or a ball. Knife it or shoot it, follow until it reaches on the top of the satellite. When the ball reach on the satellite, you need a special gun ( Dual or wave gun ) then shoot it. Afterwards, the ball or stone will go on tunnel 11. Keep following it until it reach on the pyramid.

Note : Ball Or Stone sometimes hide, so always keep an eye for that. Use your gun if you cant knife it.

Step 5: Cylinder or cylindrical will appear on the right corner of the pyramid. This Tube needs to be filled up with zombie souls. Kill zombies near the tube to collect those souls. When the tube is filled up with zombie souls, head over to your left and you will see a switch. Turned it on, pyramid will open and you see samanta. Congratulations , you unlock Cryogenic slumber party. Plus 90 mins death machine.

Note : This Next Step, Who played richtofen must finish Easter Egg on Shangri-la and Call Of The Dead Before you proceed.

Step 6:  Head back to Area 51 (where you first started) on your right, you will see a shelf. Cook a grenade and throw it on the shelf where the plates are. After that, you need to have a gersch device and throw it where the plates have fallen to suck them up and move them to the teleporter. If your successful, Plates will appear on the flat form where you can teleport back to the moon.

Step 7: When you are back on the receiving area, You’ll now find the plates lying on the floor in front of the Quick Revive. Use the QED to teleport them to the computer in the corner. Next you need to find wire in the lab and bring it back on the spawn area, then connect it in between the computer and the plates. Richtofen is the only one have this ROD. place it in between the plates, keep pressing X at the computer keyboard until the voice-over ends and the color of the computer screen turns and stays green.

Note : Wire is randomly located on the lab ( Stairs, Corner on the server, shelves, ) and outside before you will reach Mule Kick. On your right side, you will a barrels. Its on the top.

Step 8:  Take the glowing ROD on the pyramid where the stone or ball are. And four cylinder will show up on the corner of the pyramid. Same process that we did on step 5, but this time its four that needs to be filled up. Once all four tubes have been infused with zombie souls, Go on the front of the pyramid where the stone at then Insert the ROD on engrave, All four tubes will drain. Once its been drain, richtofen will earn all perks that available on this map.

Step 9: On this step you need a crawler to make it easy. You will need to have QED bomb and gersch device, throw the QED bomb where the stone or ball are. Stone or ball will disappear and it will be teleported near the four terminal computer. This time we need a gersch device, throw gersch device where the stone at. Stone will be suck up, goes to some out of reach rockets.

Step 10: Next is the color code. This time, its kind a hard so be patient and focus on the color. You need to activate 3 codes, ever time you reach the flashing green lights. Rockets will come up just to letting you know that you finish the first. Keep doing it until you see all 3 rockets appear. When the rockets are all ready, it will automatically lunch by it self. When the rockets smash into the Earth, you earn all the perks that richtofen has it and Congratulation, you achieve Big Bang Theory.

How To Activate The Hidden Song

On COD black ops zombies moon

First Teddy Bear is Under the starting area at the Moon Base where you will see some boxes.

Second Teddy Bear is in the air lock between the M16 and Power Room.

Third Teddy Bear is in a broken wall near the Stamin-Up.

Perks Available


Location : Its located on the spawn area called area 51.

Speed Cola

Location : Same as jug, its on area 51 and on the same spot where jug at. ( this 2 perks always change every time you teleport back to area 51 )

Quick Revive

Location : Its on the receiving area.


Location : Located at tunnel 11 where you can get semtex grenade.

Double Tap

Location : Located on Lab, after the pyramid and power.

DeadShot Daiquiri

Location : Its on Lab room too, near MP5k before bio dome.

PHD Flopper

Location : located at the Bio Dome, near Mystery box spawn.

Mule Kick

Location : Its outside the Lab before teleporter and AK74U.


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